Thanh Phu: vibrant of the cultural week - Sports - Beach Tourism in 2023

27/04/2023 02/05/2023

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On the occasion of the 48th anniversary of the liberation of the South and unification of the country (April 30, 1975 - April 30, 2023) and the 137th anniversary of Labor Day (May 1, 1886 - May 1, 2023 ); With the consent of the People's Committee of Ben Tre province, Thanh Phu district organizes Culture - Sports - Beach Tourism Week in Thanh Phu district, 2023 with the theme "Thanh Phu beach tourism links and develops" takes place from April 27, 2023, to May 2, 2023 at the Conservation Area, embellishing and promoting the value of the historical Ho Chi Minh Trail on the sea.


​Thanh Phu Culture - Sports - Beach Tourism Week, 2023 (Photo: Organizing Committee)

Tuần lễ Văn hóa - Thể thao - Du lịch biển huyện Thạnh Phú, năm 2023 là sự kiện văn hoá - kinh tế - xã hội, nhằm giới thiệu, quảng bá, kích cầu du lịch, thu hút khách du lịch đến với tỉnh Bến Tre, trong đó có huyện Thạnh Phú để tham quan, trải nghiệm. Việc tổ chức Tuần lễ Văn hóa - Thể thao - Du lịch biển lần này là dịp để huyện Thạnh Phú giới thiệu, quảng bá các giá trị văn hóa đặc sắc hấp dẫn, giá trị nổi bật về tài nguyên du lịch biển; tạo mối liên kết phát triển du lịch bền vững giữa huyện Thạnh Phú với các huyện trong tỉnh và các tỉnh bạn.

Coming to Thanh Phu on this holiday, visitors will be able to participate and immerse themselves in many attractive activities such as Trade, exhibitions, seafood cuisine, Famtrip, seminars, the inauguration of cultural works; competitions, performances, and entertainment activities. Visitors have the opportunity to experience sea cuisine with dishes from the river region of the Southwest and traditional sea dishes made from seafood, specialities of Thanh Phu district. Let's visit and learn about the legendary road in the resistance war against the US: Ho Chi Minh Road on the sea - The bridgehead to receive Northern weapons to support the Southern battlefield, visit Ba Chua Xu Temple, visit Ong Nam's mausoleum Hai,...In addition, cultural and artistic competitions, kite flying days, physical training and sports activities, and folk games will be held throughout the week, at Con Bung Beach.



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Fun activities and eating seafood at Thanh Phu Beach (photo P.D)

Thanh Phu in April is waiting for visitors with cool sea water, long sandy beaches, admiring the charming landscape of rows of poplar trees swaying in the wind, listening to the murmuring sound of ocean waves,... like loving message and invitation./.

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