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Ben Tre is one of the thirteen provinces and cities in the Mekong Delta - consisting of three islets – Bao islets, Minh islets and An Hoa islets, embraced by four of the nine tributaries of the gentle Mekong River including Tien, Ham Luong, Ba Lai and Co Chien rivers. Known as the Land of Coconuts with a system of interlaced canals, has created special tourism brand "Coconut land river ecology" - A destination of safety, friendliness and quality.

Minh islets consist of four districts: Cho Lach, Mo Cay Bac, Mo Cay Nam and Thanh Phu, creating a river ecotourism route "From the river to the sea" which is known by many tourists and travel agencies. In which, the province's tourism industry is rebuilding a specific eco-tourism route, a river tourism route that can only be experienced in the Coconut Land of Ben Tre. It is the radial route to the coconut floating market, the craft village on the Thom river - Mo Cay Nam and the Cho Lach Culture and Tourism Village.

 Làng hoa kiểng Cái Mơn - Chợ Lách.jpg

Cai Mon - Cho Lach Ornamental Flower Village (Photo: TTXTDL)


Mo Cay Nam district is one of the largest coconut growing area with top output in the province with handicraft villages, coir thread, desiccated copra. Mo Cay Town is oriented to become a "coconut city" built on the foundation of an ecological urban area with cultural identity associated with coconut trees. The location is convenient for both road and waterway traffic - the intersection of national highway 60 and 57. Mo Cay Nam is the focal point of Minh islets route with typical tourism products such as: Special national relic site "Dong Khoi relic" in Dinh Thuy commune - display of coconut shells, machete, air gun, self-made bombs and mines, bamboo spikes, model of fighting village; national monument Tuyen Linh Pagoda in Minh Duc commune; Thom river connects two big rivers, Ham Luong and Co Chien, day and night busy with boats carrying coconuts and coconut products, forming a floating coconut market; production facilities of handicrafts from coconut; boat-building craft village in An Dinh commune; green skin pomelo cooperative group; organic coconut garden; Coconut Homestay uses materials made from coconut, and so on.

Cho Lach district - "Cai Mon - the kingdom of ornamental flowers", "the land of good fruit trees" or "the largest seedling production area in the country", a new rural district with many OCOP products which are considered as local specialties such as rambutan, durian, green skin pomelo, mangosteen, bonsai, ornamental animals, seedlings - ornamental flowers, and so on of 31 villages producing seedlings and ornamental flowers with hundred-year-old famous brands. Besides, the district is rich in religious life and with ancient religious architectural works: Kim Long pagoda, Cai Mon ancient church, Cai Nhum church, and so on.

Currently, the district has many attractions, homestays, and accommodation facilities are operating such as: Hoang Duy ornamental garden, Nam Cong petand so on (Hung Khanh Trung B), Lam Nga hanging flower (Vinh Thanh), ecotourism Nguyen Gia (Tan Thieng) and homestay Nam Hien (Cho Lach Town), eco-tourism sites Ba Ngoi (Vinh Binh), Dai Loc (Son Dinh), Jardin Du Mekong (Hoa Nghia),, ,, Truong Vinh Ky souvenir house, biotechnology application area, Rooster Mekong tourist area, 7 Thao fruit garden, etc. Existing products contribute to the project of Cho Lach Culture and Tourism Village project. including 4 communes: Long Thoi, Vinh Thanh, Son Phu, Vinh Hoa. The Village of Culture and Tourism has installed a lighting system in An Hoa hamlet, Long Thoi commune; expanding HL 34, 35 and 37; concreting 2 roads of Dong Kinh and Lan Dong hamlets (3.5km) to make routes for trams and bicycles; building wharf in Lan Dong hamlet, Kinh Bao Vang bridge; Welcome gates to VHDL Village in Vinh Nam, Dong Kinh, An Hoa hamlets and so on.

Một góc Coconut Homestay.jpg

A corner of Coconut Homestay (Photo: Coconut Homestay)

The eco-tourism waterway of the Coconut land (Song Thom) and Cho Lach Culture and Tourism village is a prominent route and a typical tourism product of the province associated with Thanh Phong and Thanh Hai beach resorts, promising tourist attraction in the near future, specifically, the 2 day/1 night schedule is as follows:

Day 1: Depart from Ben Tre City to Cho Lach, visit Culture and Tourism village, ride a bicycle or tram to visit Cai Mon ornamental flower gardens and Bay Thao ornamental and durian garden, Lan Dong hamlet paper flower village, experience chicken farm…Back to Long Thoi, take a rest and have lunch at Rooster Mekong Resort. In the afternoon, go on a cruise on Ham Luong river, visit Cai Ga islet. On the way to Mo Cay Nam, stop to visit Truong Vinh Ky memorial stele house, Cai Mon church, Cai Mon biotechnology application area. Enjoy dinner and stay overnight at Coconut homestay.

Day 2: Have breakfast, visit Tuyet Phung coconut candy factory and special national monument "Dong Khoi relic" in Dinh Thuy commune, Mo Cay Nam; canoeing in the coconut water canal, experience handicraft preliminarily processing coconuts establishments, cruise on Thom river, visit coconut floating market, bike ride around craft village, An Thanh countryside market... Get on the bus, to visit Thanh Long Coconut Dunes Garden in Thanh Thoi B commune, have lunch, visit the temple of Water general Nam Hai, admire the bridge and Co Chien river. End of the trip. Continue the journey to Tra Vinh - Khmer culture.

 Chợ nổi dừa.jpg

Thom River Coconut Floating Market (Photo: TTXTDL)


With cultural values and potentials, in the coming time, Minh islets with the tourism route "From the river to the sea" of 4 districts: Cho Lach, Mo Cay Bac, Mo Cay Nam and Thanh Phu will promote their strengths in tourism. In the near future, Dong Khoi tourism is changing to a new look to welcome a large number of domestic and foreign tourists./.

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