Delicious dishes in Ben Tre

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Delicious dishes in Ben Tre: Noodles with pâté, Co Muoi Steamed Broken Rice, Hai Nen steamed thin rice pancake, Nam Phat sizzling pancake....

Delicious dishes for hungers in Ben Tre


Noodles with pâté

Noodles with pâté is a kind of delicious and strange noodle soup in Ben Tre. The restaurant does not have its own name, simply known as "Hu Tieu Pate" and this is also the creator of this unique noodle dish with over 20 years of seniority. The pate in the noodle soup is actually a type of sausage, like cold meat made from pork scalp, pork fat, lean pork, pepper and other homemade spices processed according to special recipe.

In addition to Hu Tieu Pate, variety of noodle soup are served: Wonton noodle, Seafood noodle, meat and bone noodle soup, etc. However, Pate noodle soup is still the most special one; Crispy, fatty and delicious pate pieces has become the trademark of the restaurant.

Address: 226/1A, 30/4 Street, Ward 4, Ben Tre City

Co Muoi Steamed Broken Rice

Broken rice is a very popular dish in the South. During your trip in Ben Tre, you should give a try to broken rice of Co Muoi restaurant, the quality dish for all kind of tourists. The name of the restaurant is named after it’s owner, Ms. Muoi, a very cheerful and hospitable woman. Grilled ribs and grilled chicken are marinated with very rich and delicious spices. In addition, there are egg rolls with very large and thick pieces or omelets and pork rin served with broken rice.

In particular, the fish sauce at Co Muoi broken rice restaurant is considered very attractive due to the high condensity, the sweet and salty taste mixed together served with broken rice is perfect.

Address: Thanh Tra Alley, Ward 4, Ben Tre City

Hai Nen steamed thin rice pancake

Hai Nen steamed thin rice pancake (wet cake) is also known as Bieu Ky wet cake and is also a famous wet cake brand in Ben Tre city. The wet cake attraction thanks to its yellow color fish sauce, sweet and fragrant taste, prepared according to the heirloom recipe. Fish sauce – the soul of this dish cannot be found anywhere else. In addition, a part of wet cake filled with caramelized pork, Vietnamese pork sausage, fried spring rolls and fermented pork roll served depending on the preferences of the diners.

Address: 65 Phan Ngoc Tong Street, Ward 2, Ben Tre City

Nam Phat sizzling pancake

Banh xeo (sizzling pancake) is a very familiar dish of Ben Tre people in particular and the South in general. The cake is made from rice flour mixed with coconut milk and a little turmeric powder so that the fried crust has a beautiful golden color. Enjoy Nam Phat sizzling pancake in Ben Tre, you are served with a filling of mussels, shrimp, pork, and cassava roots, and a variety of unique vegetables: cilantro (sassafras), broccoli, lettuce, young mango leaves, toad leaves, coriander leaves, Ocimum basilicum...

Address: alley 18a/16 Binh Khoi Street, Ward 6, Ben Tre City

Tu Dien minced crab noodles

In Ben Tre city, Tu Dien noodles restaurant is famous and popular for delicious taste and good quality. This is a restaurant with long time tradition and the sale only opened in the afternoon around 3pm until evening. Your belly will be filled with a large bowl of noodle with full of lean meat, minced crab, pork blood, pork shank, pig ears, etc. and the broth is also extremely delicious and unique. From 5 pm to 6 pm, it is crowded and sometimes no seat available, so as to enjoy, you should come earlier.

Address: 10F Nguyen Hue Street, Phu Khuong Ward, Ben Tre City

Truc Giang fermented Fish Hotpot

Fermented Fish Hotpot is a rustic and attractive dish of the Southwest region. During your stay in Ben Tre, just try Truc Giang fermented Fish Hotpot, it would be an unforgettable experience. The fermented Fish Hotpot served with a rich and fragrant broth cooked from pork bones along with Linh fish sauce. A hot pot set is full of ingredients including: basa fish, goby, bacon, shrimp, octopus, beef balls, eggplant, bitter melon and many kinds of accompanying vegetables: Elephant ear vegetables, water lily, bananas flower, water spinach and so on. On rainy days, there's nothing better than hanging out with your family and friends around the fish hotpot!

Address: 293D Nguyen Thi Dinh Street, Phu Chien Hamlet, Phu Hung Commune, Ben Tre City

In addition, Ben Tre also has many other delicious and attractive dishes. Hopefully, these above suggestions allow visitors enjoy their time in their journey to discover the Land of Coconut./.

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